General Information




2-4 anglers  weekend, or weekday afternoon for 5.5 hours: $295


2-3 anglers  for 5-6 hours: $395


2-4 anglers for 4-5 hours - $295

or 6-8 hours - $395

Mistress, the Boat

This  Snyder 1875 Jet Boat  was custom designed and built for Captain Dieter with many unique features. He chose this boat for many reasons: 

  1. Safety – fully welded .190 Aluminum with side railings and a large, deep cockpit to fish from. This boat also features a huge front casting deck. The boat is fully stocked with high quality personal flotation devices as well as all U.S.C.G. required safety items.
  2. Spaciousness – at 18’6”, with a 92” beam, this boat can easily fish 2 to 4 anglers, depending on ability and species targeted. It is rated for up to 7 passengers.
  3. Performance – the Mercury 200 SportJet provides me with reliability and the ability to get to areas unreachable by most boats. Draft is 7” off plane and 3.5” on plane. A UHMW bottom and sides will help us slide over rocks when we get REALLY shallow. We can get to those secret spots at speeds over 40 mph, meaning you spend more time fishing and less time getting there

Where to Meet Mistress

All trips leave from Lambertville will beginning and ending at the public boat ramp in Lambertville, NJ. Please meet at the ramp, Not at my boat!!!

  • The ramp is about 100' south of the dock where the boat is kept. Please do not walk to the boat or on the dock, as this is a violation of Park rules. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  • The public ramp at Lambertville is located just south of the Lambertville Station. It can be accessed by driving into the parking lot of the Lambertville Station, going straight towards the buiding at the back (the Inn). You will go under the covered entrance and back out to a "T", where you will make a right turn. Go about 100' and bear Right towards the river. The ramp is located at the end of the road, just before the gates of the water treatment plant. More detailed direction can be found on Google Maps.
  • Striper trips may leave from the dirt ramp at Firemen's Eddy. From Lambertville, NJ, go South on Route 29 about a mile until you see the Flea Market on your Left. On your right will be a bridge across the Canal. Cross over the Canal and follow the road to the Right until you get to the dirt ramp on the river. Please check with your guide to confirm where your trip leaves from!

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What to Bring

 Please remember you are required to possess a valid PA or NJ fishing license on your trip.

  • Rain gear, food, etc....... will be your responsibility as we will provide the rest. Early season fishing can be cold and damp, though the fish generally won’t mind!
  • If you have a favorite rod, please feel free to bring it.  If not, we have great rods/reels you can use.
  • We provide all tackle needed to catch the big one!!
  • Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed on the boat during your trip!!
  • NO BANANAS ON THE BOAT!!! This is not a joke, really, bananas are really bad luck on a fishing boat. Now you know why you've had THOSE days.
  • Polarized glasses are strongly recommended, as is sun protection.
  • You may want to bring a camera or the Captain can send your photos via email or text.

Experienced & Hard Core Anglers

Those of us who can't get enough time on the water earn the description "Hard Core". For you, We've got the finest equipment made. The boat is stocked with over 2,000 lures and enough high-end rods and reels to make even the most jaded angler jealous. We'll visit places that even other jet boats don't normally get to. 


As the father of a daughter who loves to fish, Captain Dieter happy to have children on the boat whenever he gets the chance. Suggested starting age for children to fish from the boat is 4 or 5 years of age. He's had the pleasure to have many children catch their first fish on the boat. When booking your trip, please let us know the age and angling ability of your child and we will make every effort to make sure that they have a fun and successful fishing trip. Summer trips have the added bonus of swimming time for the kids, if you'd like. The Delaware is clean and perfectly safe. Children must wear a life jacket at all times. We've got a ladder so getting in and out of the boat isn't a problem. Swimming breaks up the day for kids as well as adults, and cools you off on those muggy summer days. 

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